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Jace was hit on by a boy, this was the result. on Flickr.
Withdraws, broken hope, No dope. This kid knows when to give me a reality check.
These sneaky mother fuckers know how to steal all of my food and soda.
Kody with a K! Thanks for all the make out sessions and teaching me that ping pong balls are explosive and trading pokemon cards with me. You also saved my life when I tried to overdose. I owe you so much. You were always my main nigga, since the age of 6.
I thought we were unbreakable. A summer that taught me the most, took away my only true friend. The drugs ruined us, my memories are blurred. You will always remain the Smally Biggs to my 3pac.
VersaEmerge original drummer. My sistur and her first concert. Circa ‘08.
Vicoden. My one love at a point in time. Introduced by my best friend. Bottles in a month. Circa ‘10.
This kid had my heart. He wrote me songs, called me, brought me sour patch kids. It wasn’t until I got a call he was in the hospital that I realized how vital he was. Circa ‘10.